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Emile Durkheim Vs Karl Marx
To Durkheim the norms and values that the classes collected, keep them in harmony with each other. As the societies become more complex, evolving from mechanical to organic solidarity, the division of labour is counteracting and..
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Drug Abuse Among The Youth
People who understand that they need medical treatment are more likely to voluntarily seek care before addiction worsens. Teen substance use can quickly escalate from occasional use to dependence or addiction. The penalties for drug trafficking..
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The Urge to study Human Kind

Learn, read, read up on, work at, be taught, be tutored in View synonyms.1 Investigate and analyse (a subject or situation) in detail. I've been studying the situation for over half a century now, and the

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Beriberi: A Disease Caused by A Deficiency of Vitamin B

Made in America, organic liquid extract, all natural alcohol free vitamin B-1 extract. It is sometimes fatal, as it causes a combination of heart failure and weakening of the capillary walls, which causes the peripheral tissues

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Slave Rebellion and Resistance

Bird, author and designer. 29 In many places, such as the Bight of Benin and the Bight of Biafra, the percentage of revolts and the percentage of the slave trade match. In Saint Lucia there was

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The Hospitable Phaeacians in The Odyssey

the Hospitable Phaeacians in The Odyssey

them, and participates in the feasting. These elements include the bath, the feast, the question of who the guest is, the guest-gift, and the promise of transport and protection. The next morning Nausikaa and her maids go to the seashore, and after washing the clothes, they start to play a ball game 1 on the beach with laughs, giggles and shouts. This trust was reinforced by both fear of word getting out that the host had provided improper xenia, and fear of retribution by the gods, since one never knew when a traveller might actually be a god in disguise, come to test the level. Some basic Xenia rules were that the guest could not insult the host, make demands, or refuse xenia. Tell me your land, your people, your city too, so our ships can sail you home (300). It was a set of rules and customs that defined the guest-host relationship between two individuals, two groups of people, or an individual and a group. He also explains to Odysseus what sort of information the Phaiakian ships require in order to take him home to Ithaca. He tells Telemachus to Help yourselves to food, and welcome! Additionally, the connection between hospitality and recognition of identity reinforces the distinction between good and bad characters, those who observe the laws of hospitality and those who do not. . A certain level of trust would eventually have to be established.

the Hospitable Phaeacians in The Odyssey

Polyphemos in the Odyssey, The Women Portrayed in Homers The Odyssey,

Xenia, there would be severe penalties dealt by Zeus and also by society (Wikipedia). Odysseus is disguised as a stranger at his home, and thus, as has been revealed by the analysis of the guest-host relationship, must be taken in hospitably as a guest by the members of his household. Recognizing Eumaeuss hospitality, Odysseus swears that Odysseuss return is imminent, and that as a reward for his prediction when he returns, The moment he sets foot in his own house, dress me in shirt and cloak, in handsome clothes. Meanwhile, Athena disguised as Telemachus goes by night and selects the best men for the crew. In modern times, hospitality is something we rarely think of, and the first thing that comes to mind is the hotel industry, but in ancient Greece, xenia was not about hotels, or just about etiquette, it was a way of life with many benefits. The Greek belief concerning the origin of the concept of hospitality, often called Xenia, is reflected at the end of "The Odyssey." The more hospitably guests are treated, the more civilized the society becomes. Odysseus washes up on the shore of the Phaeacians island and comes into contact with Nausicaa, the daughter of King Alcinous. The significance of these values is shown quite clearly in The Odyssey of Homer. Works Cited Austin, Norman. Thus, even though Polyphemus operates within the formula for developing the guest-host relationship by offering a guest-gift, he corrupts it by making the guest-gift something intangible, something without worth.

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