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Oral Birth Control
A study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) published in 1995 provided evidence that the newer pills with their lower oestrogen content are associated with lower incidence of thromboembolism than the earlier higher oestrogen dose..
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Thomas Hobbes the Great Cool Philosopher
18 19 The " Aristotelian tradition " was still an important intellectual framework in the 17th century, although by that time natural philosophers had moved away from much. Chemistry edit Title page from The Sceptical..
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Sub feilds of anthropology

In 1772, thinker Immanuel Kant, started instructing an annual anthropology course and was the primary particular person to put in writing an anthropology guide. It also seeks to be holistic, comparative and practical. . You

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Kent State University

Today the iSchool offers two master's degrees entirely online, participates in an interdisciplinary. As early as 1946, Kent State University began offering undergraduate courses in library and information science. On Wednesday, May 2, Trumbull Career Technical

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The Great Gatsby - Cultural Criticism

Images by Gareth. He is a former football star at Yale University. When the book was published on April 10, 1924, the critics raved. "BBC World Service programmes The Great Gatsby ". When I came back

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Drunk Driving Prohibitions

While the 1872 Act is mostly superseded, the offense of being " drunk while in charge. Merriam Webster 's Dictionary 11 defines DUI as the "crime of driving a vehicle while drunk ; also : a

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A Review on Catch - 22

Catch-22 is that it feels like it was ripped right from the universe of the Rand and Robyn Millers. I'll give you Anchorman but Step Brothers? Catch-22 has me mesmerized, and I cant figure out

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Turbulent Sixtes

The Russian economy was not expanding but contracting. The music was becoming less oriented to free form and more constricted so as to present them on FM radio. In the years that followed, there were

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Why Im a Feminist

why Im a Feminist

sexually assaulted me and when I went to my friends for help, they called me slut. The rumors are true, what theyve been saying about me I have to come clean. For non-liberal ew customers, they thought the brand went too far to put what they viewed as politics on a childrens tee. Because BDD, because Im damned if. Im a feminist because I was told the first time I had sex would be painful and bloody! Im a feminist because jobs! Feminists believe in equality for women. Because our culture considers it normal to cut off part of an infants penis. The Future Is Female onesies, Feminist crowns, Nirvana tees, and the like) a no-no in your book?

Treating everone the same. Because female purity is bullshit, because Im considered weaker, because I actually feel weaker. By the time the average woman reaches sixty years old, she will have made four hundred and fifty thousand dollars less than a man in the same position. Can we not force politics on young kids? Because of cat calling and street harassment, because no, it is not a f*cking compliment. Because Im expected to change my last name. Political graphic tees for kids are still not cute.

I consider myself a feminist. . These are the tuck everlasting folks responsible for helping sell-out the t-shirt over the weekend (note: there are a few sizes still available. I know that I, personally, am better at certain things than the guys in my life. . Because 1 in 4 young women are sexually assaulted and society still asks what was she wearing? Because fear makes it hard to see the good in people.