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Homers Ideals of Life and Society
Ravenwing Dark Talon attacking Necrons in a high-speed attack Ravenwing Dark Talon - The Ravenwing Dark Talon is perhaps the deadliest weapon in the Ravenwing's arsenal, and it plays a pivotal role in the 2nd Company's..
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Nicontine: An Addictive Drug
Tobacco is an agricultural crop. The report also concluded that secondhand smoke is a definitive cause of stroke. It is not solely nicotine that is responsible for smokings addictiveness. Nicotine is purported to be one of..
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Rhythm and Lyrics

Deep and dreadful be constant careful. How we do it, dancing to the rhythm, dance to the music, all in together we shine, jump in, hey, jump out. Peepin' over the edge, I drop a rock

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A Weaker God: The Iliad,OdysseyandGilgamesh

Although some differences do exist between the divinities of Homer's. March 10, 2007. She did so to give him the courage to wait for his father since his father is still alive. This is not the

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Illegal Drugs in America

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that nationwide.4 of students had been offered, sold, or given an illegal drug by someone on school property. Contents War on Drugs edit Main article: War on Drugs

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Congenital Heart Disease

congenital Heart Disease

prominent P waves with tall R waves and broad S wave in V6 suggests strongly of Ebstein anomaly. It is marked by an absence paintings by the Masters of Light of delayed diastolic mitral murmur. Egg on side appearance in TGA.

congenital Heart Disease

These include: Rubella (PDA, Peripheral pulmonary stenosis, VSD). Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are structural heart defects present since birth. Chest X-ray Image : Abnormal chest X-ray as seen in a patient of Atrial septal defect. Signs A general examination reveals cyanosis and clubbing. Signs Hyperkinetic precordium with a systolic thrill. Owing to distensibility of the pulmonary artery, large volumes of blood can flow without an increase in pressure; thus, large left to right shunts can exist without an increase in pressure. Ventricular septal defect Small VSD : Left to right shunt continues to be pansystolic, but the second sound is normally split with a normal intensity.

When the defect is small, there is a high-pressure gradient resulting in a continuous pansystolic murmur palpable as a thrill. Pink TOF is the least severe form of TOF where PS is significant enough to result in large pressure gradient across the right ventricular outflow tract, but not severe enough to impede pulmonary blood flow; hence, there is often no history of cyanosis. In some cases, doctors can find these problems during pregnancy. Doctors use a physical exam and special heart tests to diagnose congenital heart defects.

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