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Impact of the Cold War
Military expenditures by the US during the Cold War years were estimated to have been 8 trillion, while nearly 100,000 Americans lost their lives in the Korean War and Vietnam War. Led to destructive conflicts like..
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In what different ways is the
Your body should technically fix this deficiency on its own, but I like to drink. A girl's gotta pay for all these ingredients you know! However, a negative thing is that you cannot copy back the..
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Douglas Dunn and Trisha Brown

New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. 5 Among Dunn's best-known works are, Nevada, Four for Nothing, 101, Octopus, Time Out, Gestures in Red, and Lazy Madge. Post-modern dance: Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Molly Davies, Douglas Dunn

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Circadian Rhythm

We are not really sure if this also happens in humans. Scrd is also associated with a broad range of interconnected pathologies, including poor vigilance and memory, reduced mental and physical reaction times, reduced motivation, depression

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Diary of a Black Women

On the way one boat is destroyed by a Japanese sub before it is sunk by onshore Marine artillery. I left the march before it arrived there as it had been made clear the press were

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Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

smoke smell. It is pretty disgusting for a non smoker to move out of a pub, bar or disco or even a restaurant with his/her clothes stinking from the smoke stench. Let us discourse on this moot issue below. Second hand smoke enhances the risk of heart disease and heart attacks, by increasing the persons risk of developing blood clots. Furthermore, effects of smoking on the systemic and peripheral circulation in the human body are appalling, as put forward by medical experts. Still, the most effective way to negate the effects of second hand smoke is to insist on a smoke-free environment, whenever possible. It has been noted that passive smoking is much more dangerous than active smoking, because in the former case, you inhale the smoke emitted out by a smoker. For example : Furthermore, if the authorities ban smoking in public places, smokers will say this is discrimination against them. Awareness programmes are being conducted all around the world against this habit. While the smokers definitely affect their health, they also make the innocent people becoming a victim.

In my opinion, smoking must be banned in public places, because other than causing health problems to themselves as smokers, they also affect non-smokers' health, especially children's and infants' who inhale cigarette smoke, which is very bad at such an early stage of their lives. In my view, this would be a punitive measure to safeguard the health and wealth college Students - Relationships and Texting of the public or the society. Overall, it is a nice essay. Write at least 250 words. As it is rightly displayed on the cigar packets, smoking is one of the primary factors leading to cancer. Cancer is among the major detrimental effects of smoking on ones health. . Smoking is considered as a culprit among the many, behind the congenital birth defects and anomalies. Till the time the ban is not in effect, the non-smokers can encourage smokers to walk outside to smoke. Not all smokers will be annoyed by the authorities, for sure. Having foreseen the same, many offices and governing bodies imposed a strict ban on public smoking.