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Why Im a Feminist
Because if I dont wear make up people ask if Im tired or sick. Webster ) to liberal politics. Why are you upset about equal rights, pay, and treatment? Im a feminist because my first boyfriend..
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Roslind Franklin
Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and. When a service member dies. Let's do this Clicking on the left button will increase the likelihood of Cate's answers being displayed as featured..
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Imannuel Kant Life and teachings

Although now uniformly recognized as one of the greatest works in the history of philosophy, this Critique was largely ignored upon its initial publication. Ends based on physical needs or wants create hypothetical imperatives. In this

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Adam Smith: Father of Economics

Portraits, monuments, and banknotes edit A statue of Smith in Edinburgh 's High Street, erected through private donations organised by the Adam Smith Institute Smith has been commemorated in the UK on banknotes printed by two

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A Hypothetical Friendship with God

Ahura Mazda the Holy Spirit Rigden Djappo! Now it happened that, when the Europeans came to the Pacific islands, they were quite astonished to find that many of the natives had almost white skins and were

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Stonehenge - When? Who? Why?

stonehenge - When? Who? Why?

Sacrifices( but that idea backfired UFO landings and more. Because the people who built Stonehenge left no written records, the purpose of its construction is still a matter of debate. It was probably a large number because those massive stones were lifted or somehow transported without the use of the wheel! It was a concert hall A number of researchers in the cool-sounding field of archaeoacoustics have suggested that Stonehenge was built with music in mind. Most would imagine the secret to be related to the question 'what was it for'.

stonehenge - When? Who? Why?

The era in which Stonehenges was built was the Neolithic - New Stone Age. The neolithic people of Britain built Stonehenge for unknownreasons. There were earlier structures (of so called 'Bluestone' - rhyolite from West Wales archaeologists are are unsure exactly how much earlier, the original structure was entirely dismantled. There are many theories what it was used for like. They do not really know Speculation on the reason it was built range from human sacrifice to astronomy. The archaeologists used a variety of techniques, including radiocarbon dating on workers' campfires from millennia ago, to discover that holes cut into rocky outcrops to gather the stones were made centuries before Stonehenge was built. We don't know, certainly not 'druids' but whoever created it they used geometry to design it - so sacred geometry was part. In pictures: Stonehenge archaeological finds 1/12 Stonehenge discoveries, detail of the decoration of the dagger handle. University of Birmingham and David Bukach 4/12 Stonehenge discoveries, the finds from Bush Barrow on display at the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes. In, prehistoric Britons and Speculation on the reason it was built range from human sacrifice to astronomy. The final phase comprised the construction of an outer circle of huge standing stones - super-hard sarsens from the Marlborough Downs.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. This assembly was largely ridiculed in the press, who mocked the fact that the Neo-druids were dressed. When Stonehenge was first opened to the public it was possible to walk among and even climb. The fact that Stonehenge was not built overnight does not in any way diminish the scale of the undertaking. But how could this have been achieved by a Neolithic society?